Pemberian Cerita Dan Cerpen Pada Sang Anak

Pemberian Cerita Dan Cerpen Pada Sang Anak - deposit like that already from before before I kaleeeeeee. Gue mah still comparatively new employees, in order ma boss so that I make so. After all, I only live stor same queue. Anyway if weve one, requires not so well next time. Emangnya in the bank not in ajarin PR huh? Kan good in denger.


that says "if you want the deposit should not gini ya, but ..." yes tunjukin bener way it how. Kan I do not know. Anyway before the previous one as well so Okay, I started not respect ya ni the same. Sebodo very doi like manager, owner, boss or whatever. Is not this the man who paid my salary.


Yes I diemin wrote. Doi finished ngehitung same money matching data is written on the slip, I sat in the waiting chairs regular kayak. Mending also ngestalk ricis be laughing. There's no wind is not no rain doi way, if the next deposit under 25 million use the mini memorandum wrote. Do not know ni.


people talking to whom? Same wall time yes. Gue diem aja donk, I do not feel the same way too. Ob its new deh ngehampirin. Ob said her father had jusngomongnya at me. Generally, I was his seat in the back row of people queuing tauuuuuuu. Yes where tau tau gue him talking to me. Sarap tu people.


Okay, I'm in need. Gue ngehampiri donk. In the mini memorandum was what I also do not know. Frankly I never use the bank this one before. In at Selatpanjang no branches, so ya so. I lay very still at the system here.


Gila aja bro, I turn in front of him, doi diem aja. Yes already lah, I nyabarin themselves. Gue who asked, "What ya sir?" He replied, "The next time you deposit, use the mini memorandum wrote it." I innocently nanya because once again, I do not know weve. "The memorandum mini is?"

And you know, doi diem aja. Heh! It feels ni want me to kill people. Songong really does. Finally teller next to.


the answer, mini memorandum was there (pointing to a file), I take deh. Gue fore again for mastiin, "Bener is this?" (Still) teller next to the answer. "Yeah that wrote it. I deliberately took a lot for the office. Generally if I stayed right bank to stor, slip storannya also usually filled in the office. I sat back down because it was not finished.

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