Menerawang Kata Kata Buat Di Teliti

Menerawang Kata Kata Buat Di Teliti - unable to stifle a laugh. Especially when Lebai Trisma see behavior that raised a hand to cover her mouth. Do not tell me that girl considers a serious threat. Really, how could he dare to do that in the school hallway. Could be his head was cut in slit counselor. Finally, without protest, Trisma follow it until kekantin.


I Masakin Loe bekel lunch, but elonya not bring himself instead. How the heck?" impeccably Riawan with open hands busy eating lunch. At firstglance he found his girlfriend turned these tubes. Perhaps surprisingly for now he only ate two. Is usually his friends who do not care that's often chipped in between them.


Or do not loe accident. Even if we could eat together. Well, here let's talk. Gue suapin. Aa .."With his hands still outstretched turned towards Trisma. Again he got was a sharp glare. Lying stare really if it could make him afraid. That there he just laughed. Frankly, seduced the girl has now become his new hobby.


Tumben loe ngajakin I eat alone? Temen - friend loe Where?"Question Trisma Riawan could not help thinking. Ni son why even nanyain friend - friends. Caution wrote that until he likes with them.


Why loe nanyain friend - my friend. That loe Like my right." Carelessly, also when I have said that I really like it loe. Lah, he is pretending - pretending to forget. Engadget continue nelpon me, say like, invites arbitrarily invented by whom? Ghosts? "Riawan reminded by kesel. Anyway who kesel try. It was clear Trisma who shot him, they wrote ngeles. If you do not like doing too nyatain love. It can not be that because one person is not?


It's me, but ..."See, loe admit," Trisma not had time to finish his words, Riawan has been first cut. Anyway there's no way really does not like the same himself. "By who does not will be equally fascinated me. It's been cute, nice, tall, cool,  well-known, well again ... Eh, either already huh?" Riawan looked thoughtful. "Anyway, I understand anyway if same until elo fascinated me. Women everywhere definitely going so well. Anyway ..."


I never like it at loe!"Let's not be ashamed - ashamed deh. Already I thank, too," sneered In suapkannya food into the mouth, staring towards Trisma. way besides funny, Trisma also great cook who becomes a plus for him. She's the one who said that the provision that he carried was the result of cooking. Loe was already clear the same like me, so loe shoot me first. And again ..." Riawan really do not mind if Trisma really likes him.


I shoot loe not because I really like it loe, but because I have the wrong person." Shouts Trisma this time successfully made Riawan shocked. Shocked kata galau that real surprise. Not only because Trisma suddenly shouted so, but also because of the fact of what he had just screams.


What she said. Misidentify? Without conscious gaze sharpened Riawan now. "Loe loe shoot me for the wrong person?" Riawan realized that their own words sounded strange in his ears. Only this time he was really angry. Recognition that girl just now did not fail to respond to their surprise over the years. No wonder Trisma forced seen with him, it turns out that it's not a girl like her.

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