Kata Ucapan Yang Indah

Kata Ucapan Yang Indah - The flea market is held in the plaza books Carnaval really feels like paradise for Trisma book. She was sure, Vero certainly feel sorry for refusing his invitation if he had to know how the place looks.


With the spirit of Trisma walking from one merchant to another while traders continue to choose various readings he thoughtinteresting. Savings allowancehich he kept during this time he accidentally drain. Quite a lot anyway, since ushered in by Riawan roundtrip fare rations could he simpen too.


Do not know how much time he spent Trisma ultimately be satisfied with what he already can. Dilirknya plastic bags he was carrying. A smile radiates when she saw that her groceries. Not only novel even to 26 kaicou successful comic series he get.


Though the series is really hard tu nyarinya. But the smile on the face Trisma faded as soon as he came out of the building plaza. The heavy rain that fel from the sky really have meraipkan sense of happiness that he had some time ago. Especially when he glanced at the clock around his hand.


Nearly eight in the evening. While stop quite far ahead. He also did not bringanumbrella. Through the rain extremely unlikely when bawannya is a book. Trisma finally decided to wait a little rain subsided.


Wish it immediately because as he knows busway past 9 pm. If it missed he did not know he was going home with nothing. The money that h been he or she spends all. Not to mention in his father's house no. So if he had determined to use taxsi also impossible. Arriving at the house who does not pay.

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