Ibu Memberi Pantun Pada Anaknya

Ibu Memberi Pantun Pada Anaknya - It could be, though, "Asa muttered." Just who hate not only the same lo Andini wrote. Generally since invented at Kei, I believe in this school antis loe more than the total contacts loe got. "Paused although inevitably justify. In his heart he continued grumbled. By Kei'm not an artist, period invented by it may have antis so.


But An, the way - the way .... "Vhany sack saying. Make Ana looked at him with a frown." I'm hungry. "Hearing that Ana is only capable of playing eye. Obviously companions starve. It's almost one o'clock. Bel second break also just heard.


"Well, kekantin yuk. Gue temenin. Because before I've eaten chicken noodle," said Ana, rising wake. Without the need to be invited twice Vhany soon follow. With both lightweight walking toward the cafeteria.


Cafeteria atmosphere is not as busy time of the first break. Just seems some students who spend time there. After ordering food, they sat at table orner of the room while you wait. Vhany, new loe want to eat too.


While clearly Vhany name of the call, but Ana still participate turned. For a moment his gaze directed towards Kei, and then without being told to switch towards the people behind it. Arsyil, someone who has a crush for a long time. His heart was suddenly hope hope, on the other hand he wished them.


come join at his desk, on the other hand he wished otherwise.Yes, the new loe want to have lunch, too?" Can replied join? "Kei asked again. With less odded. Looks like she did not want to bother asking friends first.


How tumben new eating at this hour?" Kei asked again. Vhany just reply with a smile. Not interested in telling us about the disaster that happened to him since earlier. Not in front of Kei and his friends. Even Irma, Erwin and Rei have also picked up on the same page. Earlier there were ignorant. Tau is not it, period kunciin ditoilet Vhany in school.

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