Buatan Puisi Terbaik Di Sekolah

Buatan Puisi Terbaik Di Sekolah - pointed to his own face." Just Kei? Ya do not lah. Kan had already told me today Kei busy. He still had basketball practice, "said Vhany. After pausing for a moment to think his head turned towards Ana." Really the ngasih loe whom.


Ana mengeleng. "I also do not know. Suddenly there were nyamperin wrote me, said if loe same can not eat lunch because I would loe with Kei.Strange," muttered odded affirmatively. "Loe know who he is?" Vhany asked again.


Again Ana mengeleng. He did not know who had told him earlier. And again, he was not too clever in the mix. In addition because he is not easy to feel comfortable with the new environment, he also was not diligent to greet others first. In addition, he has a habit of too quickly forget the face and the name of someone who only met once or twice, and it was not because of his will. But reality had always been so.


"But I think he juniors we deh. You see him call me brother," said Ana recalling - remember.

If we meet again, loe know him? " looks new thinking then shook his head doubtfully. Already he was saying was not, if it's too easy to forget something.


Let only the face, even those contacts also could she forget her name if it is not often interact with it. loe crummy. ut. Weve it will?Or, it could be this ulahnya Andini not it?"Ana turned. Her eyes towards Vhany are also being looked at him. The possibility that it could happen. Moreover.


if he openly showed his dislike at Vhany starting from the same girl was invented Kei. His attitude in the class had also looked suspicious. Too excited with genknya. So ecame suspicious when a friend sebangkunya reason why so he decided to immediately look for. Nevertheless nonetheless, be suspicious accused do.

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